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Why Visit Us?

Nikias Gold S.A. owns its own refinery facilities, so in order to refine (recycle) and sell gold and silver, don't need to pay any extra charges to third companies, as most of others on the market need to, so we can offer the best prices directly to our customers.

Nevertheless what anybody advertises, customer has the right and obligation, not to "fall" for marketing tricks and always research before proceed to any transaction.
It is very common in the market, companies to advertise "ideal" terms and deceit their customers.

Our company's advise and policy to our customers is always Research and Compare Quality/Services/Prices.

Yes, Nikias Gold S.A. is an 100% Greek family business.

Of course. All Gemstones are priced extra, as also all fine jewelry.

Of course, we buy Gold and Silver in any form and quantity.

Gold content in a jewelry usually is engraved in percentage in thousand

For example 585 is for 585/1000 = 58,50% = 14Κ (24Κ x 58,50%)

Code 750 is for 750/1000 = 75% = 18K (24Κ x 75%)

With the same way we can calculate all other gold content in a jewelry, based to engraved purity code.

Yes, estimation of your precious collection is taking place instantly when you visit our company and always free of any charge or obligation to sell.

Friendly service, fast, secure, trustworthy appraisal, always in front of the customer at the spot.
All necessary documents provided.


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We are open 7 Days a Week including Holidays from 8:00 to 20:00, in Agiou Konstantinou 6, 10431 Athens

Buy and Sell

We Buy and Pay Cash for Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Fine Watches, Coins, Jewelry. Nikias Gold is an S.A. company, based in the heart of Athens, providing you all proper Documents and Invoices, letting you feel Safety, Trust and Credit that you want for all your transactions.

Evaluation for Free.

All appraisals and price estimations of your precious items, such as testing, weighting, always take place in front of the customer.
An estimation of your collection's value is provided right away for free.

Best Price Guarantee.

We Buy at the Best Prices of the market. Our Prices follow every single minute, the Precious Metal Prices from the Commodities Stock Market, so our customers can be as satisfied as can be.

Gold - Silver

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In Nikias Gold S.A. you can buy and sell Gold and Silver in any physical form (jewelry, coins, bars, grains etc) and in any quantity.

Pre-Owned Watches

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In Nikias Gold S.A. you can Sell or Trade your old fine watch and get the best price on the market, as you can also buy a fine pre-owned watch from our stock of watches.


Buy - Sell - Estimate - Retail - Wholesale
Either you are a private and you want to build the diamond jewelry of your dreams, or a professional, in our company you can choose among wide variety of loose certified stones, in wholesale prices!!
Furthermore If you wish to sell your precious diamond jewelry, we can buy it at once, no matter the cost, always at the best prices of the diamond market!!

Collectible Notes/Coins

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Come to us If you wish to buy, sell or estimate any rare and collectible currency or coin, Greek or Foreign, from any period of History


Buy - Sell - Estimate - Fabricate
In our company you can choose among a wide variety of pre owned diamond engagement rings and fine diamond jewelry or you can even make a new, built-to-order, diamond jewelry, exactly as you have imagined it, choosing from our wide variety of loose certified diamonds in any size and quality, always at wholesale prices!

Nikias Gold S.A. has its own Facilities of a 100% "Green" Precious Metals Refinery

Nikias Gold S.A. continues its successful and pioneering route and establishes a Modern High-Tech Technology Precious Metals Refinery.


All Refinery Services for Public

The Only Greek company that Produces Stamped Gold Bars of 995' and 999' purity, Gold Grains, and Silver Bars and Grains of 999' purity.
Owner of a Modern, High-Tech Technology, 100% "Green", Precious Metals Refinery Facility, which operates in the heart of Athens, in Moschato, since due to its top-of-the line construction and machinery, its emissions are 100% pure steam.

Why visit the Refinery of Nikias Gold S.A. ?

Anybody that wants the following services, can visit the Refinery of Nikias Gold S.A:

Precious metals melting and refining.

Precious metals analysis (chemical and XRF)

You can recycle Gold and Silver in any form(Jewelry,coins,kitchenware,alloy,etc) and quantity you have and receive back pure metal in:

Nikias Gold S.A. 999' and 995' Gold stamped Bars of 1 KIlo, 500 grams, 250 grams

999' and 995' Gold Grain

Nikias Gold S.A. 999,9' Silver stamped Bars of 1 KIlo, 500 grams, 250 grams

999' and 995' Silver Grain

Any purity and form customer asks.

Yes, please call 0030 210 48 22 210 to schedule your visit to us.

Our facilities and equipment is so High-Tech, and our technicians so well trained, that it only takes less than an hour to execute and finish any service customer asks for.