Main FAQ

Yes, Nikias Gold S.A. is an 100% Greek family business.

Nikias Gold S.A. owns its own refinery facilities, so in order to refine (recycle) and sell gold and silver, don't need to pay any extra charges to third companies, as most of others on the market need to, so we can offer the best prices directly to our customers.

Friendly service, fast, secure, trustworthy appraisal, always in front of the customer at the spot.
All necessary documents provided.

Nevertheless what anybody advertises, customer has the right and obligation, not to "fall" for marketing tricks and always research before proceed to any transaction.
It is very common in the market, companies to advertise "ideal" terms and deceit their customers.

Our company's advise and policy to our customers is always Research and Compare Quality/Services/Prices.

Of course. All Gemstones are priced extra, as also all fine jewelry.

Gold content in a jewelry usually is engraved in percentage in thousand

For example 585 is for 585/1000 = 58,50% = 14Κ (24Κ x 58,50%)

Code 750 is for 750/1000 = 75% = 18K (24Κ x 75%)

With the same way we can calculate all other gold content in a jewelry, based to engraved purity code.

Of course, we buy Gold and Silver in any form and quantity.

Yes, estimation of your precious collection is taking place instantly when you visit our company and always free of any charge or obligation to sell.

Watches FAQ

Because we always offer the best prices on the market, whether our customer wants to sell or buy the watch of his dreams.

For every pre-owned watch that we have in our stock, we have performed all necessary tests, so we can verify 100%, that it is genuine and in good operating order.
This is why for every watch that we sell, you will get along with the detailed invoice, a Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee, in a plastic card with all details of the watch written.

We are members of the WTA (Watch Trader Ascociation - , so you can feel trust and secure in your transactions with us.
We are also Trusted Sellers in the biggest online network for second-hand watches, Chrono24.
You can also navigate our webpage there ( so you can compare and see that we have the best prices, even in a worldwide network!!

Diamonds FAQ

The quality and price of a Diamond is determined by the 4 C's which are:





It is best for the consumer to buy diamonds Only from companies that provide Certificates from a Gemologist Institute, like GIA, HRD, etc.
A common trick for most companies on the Greek and World market is to provide an in-house certificate which has no credit, most of the times.
It is wise for the consumer, and it is our company's advise to research and compare before any transaction occurs

This is because Nikias Gold S.A. used to sell only wholesale to companies until present, but from now and on we sell retail too, but on the same prices!!

Of course you can buy any amount or any item you please, for example a single loose stone, or an engagement ring at wholesale price!

Of course in our company, you can buy one or as many diamonds as you like, and have them built in a jewelry, just as you please, and always at wholesale price, no luxurious showrooms and boutique charges!

Of course, we buy any diamond, diamond jewelry, always at the best prices of the market, always based to latest price updates.

All loose Diamonds that we sell here in Nikias Gold S.A., have certifications only from the two of the biggest, well known and highly respected all over the world, gemological institutes, GIA of U.S.A. ( and HRD of Belgium (

So along with the detailed invoice that you will receive from us with your purcase you will also receive its Certificate.